Bundaberg Orchid Society Inc By-Laws



Bundaberg Orchid Society Inc By-Laws

Amended Jan 2015


  • Members residing outside Local Area Post Code 4670 will pay a premium to that of members residing within Local Post Code area  4670.
  •  Local Post Code area 4670 includes 4671, 4672, 4673, 4674, 4676.
  •  New members joining the society shall pay a joining fee.
  •  A new member joining the club between June and August (both inclusive) will also be a financial member of the club for the insuring year.
  •  A member is a novice until they win a class in an open show
  •  Definition: An open show is a show where you are competitive with members of other STOC affiliated clubs.

A closed show is a show where you are competitive only amongst members of    your own society.

  •  A novice may elect to compete in an open section of the popular vote but upon doing so may not return to the novice class.
  •  A show marshal shall be appointed for each show.
  •  Diseased plants, sub-standard plants, plants not potted properly and plants recently potted are not to be presented for sale on the plant sale table. These plants may be removed at the discretion of the Show Marshal or Committee members.
  •  10% commission shall be charged on all plants sold on the plants sale table.
  •  Member must exhibit a flowing orchid plant in the show before they are eligible to sell any plants at the show.
  •  In the popular vote at each meeting your membership number must appear on the entry slip otherwise your pant will be by-passed.
  •  There will be a two month time limit on borrowing books from the library. After this time has elapsed an extension must be requested of the Librarian.
  •  An Australian Native Orchid or natural hybrid presented for sale at the plant sale table of donated as a prize must carry the Department of Environmental registration number.


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